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So I'm more or less not on LJ anymore. Any new stories will be posted on AO3 and/or FFN.

Just letting anyone know who's interested.




Writing advice

KRYAL'S CROSSOVER CREED: Equal Opportunity Awesome, and its prerequisites: equal opportunity competence, amazement, and involvement.

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You'll forget about me

Inspired by manniness 's "Downal Wyth the Bloody Cliches" , what if when the Hatter said that Alice would forget about him, he wasn't referring to forget as in the fae-like sense of it. He hadn't meant that she would forget about the experiences in general (because then wouldn't he have said you'll forget about us), but he meant that she would be gone and meet someone who wouldn't be mad and worn out and etc.

It could have been a moment of insecurity on his part very easily. Just as easily as it could have been him regretting that she would forget everything (and especially him).

Either interpretation works.

From the records of... 01

I'm not sure why I'm compelled to collect these but I'm trying to cull out all but my favorites... It's not going to well ^.^;  I'm very bad at limiting things. I keep thinking: "But one day I'll want this!" *sigh*

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Well, about an hour or so of my life went down the drain trying to pick out the PERFECT pictures, but I finally got the icon just the way I wanted (more or less).

This is officially the icon for "To Be, or Not to Be (Dead)" which means I now have to finish the story so that I can use the icon ^.^